Hello from the window of our municipality to the world.


Yahya Kemal, the famous poet, was asked what he liked about Ankara?


The answer of the poet was meaningful: The return way to İstanbul.


I know that our fellow townsmen, arriving our city having left the city even for a short time and had some tours to other cities say that in order to love Kayseri, it is needed to go sightseeing in Turkey for a short time and meanings of the words Cleanness, Greenery, Ease, Organisation and Order would better clarify after such an experience. You may have made or heard similar evaluations. Evaluations made by people who have never been to Kayseri before or have come and seen it long before are sometimes surprisingly full of appreciation and are exalted.


There is a famous proverb, that is; "Those fish live in the sea being unaware of it".


It seems as if there is a process in Kayseri that has been running monotonously for those who have not the possibility of going out of the town frequently. However, when compared to a few years ago or even a few months ago, we see what has changed before we know it. Just the same as our children growing up… My efforts that I have made with a sense of mission to bring services to Kayseri, invest in it and solve the accumulated problems of it one by one and open up the horizon of it have become a passion, even an ambition in time.


I know no way other than being tied up to this city with love and treating it as a lover to make it a distinguished, pioneer, forerunner and an examplary city in Turkey resuming after my predecessors, two important names of history of Turkish municipalism; Kavuncu and Çalık. What has made us unite with the city of Kayseri is our dedication to our city.


These feelings motivate and lead my team and me while thinking, making projects, investing and providing services for Kayseri.


In the following pages of this website you will see some of the services and investments that have been guided by the love of Kayseri.


With the help of internet, the modern communication system of the modern era, we would like to become closer to you, inform you about our works and also provide you with the possibility of conveying your remarks and ideas to us.


I hope it will achieve its goal. May the sun today shine on you brighter than yesterday and even brighter tomorrow than today…